Service updates and May Timetable

May 7, 2019
Operational update for May 2019

May timetable now in operation

Please note that one of the 1953 Heritage Diesels will be operating the River & Rainforest - please see more about these significant engines below.

TARGA Motor Rally Friday 3 May

Due to the TARGA and road closures, the River &Rainforest will not be operating on Friday 3rd May. There is a 9am Rack & Gorge scheduled from Queenstown in its place for this day.

Regatta Point Station Operating Hours in May

The Station and Tracks on Point Café will be open on Monday,Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in May between 8am and 3pm (closed Friday 3rd May due to TARGA)


Queenstown Station Operating Hours in May

Queenstown Station is open Monday to Saturday from 8am to`4:30pm and on Sundays 8am to 4pm

Tracks Café is open daily from 7:30am

Queenstown Explorer services

Due to ongoing mechanical issues, we regret that there will be no Queenstown Explorer tours operating for the rest of this season.We sincerely apologise for this change in the schedule.

In the Explorer’s place in the timetable, a 9am River & Rainforest tour will be running. All River and Rainforest tours will operate with a heritage Diesel locomotive for the time-being.

Winter tours from Strahan

West Coast Wilderness Railway will be using diesels on all tours operating from Strahan from June-August.

The West Coast Wilderness Railway also operates two historic diesel locomotives, dating from the 1950s which were acquired specifically for this line and are every bit as integral to the heritage of the railway and the region as our steam locomotives.

The Drewry Diesel engines are part of the story of the Mt Lyell Mining and Railway Company since their purchase in 1953. The Regatta Point to Dubbil Barril section of the line (travelled on the River & Rainforest journey) is where they were operated. When guests travel on the River & Rainforest, they will discover more of the story of these engines significant contribution to the company’s operations.

West Coast Wilderness Railway heritage diesel locomotive at Dubbil Barril

This will enable us to ensure that our steam locomotives are fully repaired and ready for a great 2019/2020 season.

Extra Queens Birthday Long Weekend tour

We will be operating a River and Rainforest tour on Sunday 9 June, departing Strahan at 10am. Bookings are available via our website or by calling 03 6471 0100.

There will be no River and Rainforest tour on Monday 10 June, due to the long weekend.





Cradle Mountain to Queenstown

110km | 1hr 30 mins

(Queenstown to Strahan 41km | 45 mins)

Devonport to Queenstown

181km | 2hrs 35 mins

(Queenstown to Strahan 41km | 45 mins)

Hobart to Queenstown

260km | 3hrs 40 mins

(Queenstown to Strahan 41km | 45 mins)

Launceston to Queenstown

296km | 3hrs 30 mins

(Queenstown to Strahan 41km | 45 mins)