Historic rail car to be restored in Queenstown

July 25, 2019
A historic rail car, similar to one that operated on the Mount Lyell Railway in the 1960s, is coming to Queenstown

In early July 2019 we rescued a 1939 DP rail car from the backyard of a Launceston property. With the help of a crane and trimming of some overgrown trees it was lifted onto a tow truck and transported back to the Carswell Park Workshop at Queenstown.

Although this particular rail car isn't an original from our line, a relative of it, the red and cream coloured DP1, was purchased by the Mt Lyell Railway in 1960. One of only four rail cars built by Waddingtons in Sydney, this DP was the only one originally fitted with a diesel engine, the final one of the 'Flying Flea' fleet built, and the last one still remaining.

This historic footage shows the Mount Lyell rail car running on our line in the very early 1960s (footage from WIN Television via YouTube).

The long term plan for our newly obtained DP is to restore it over a number of years for use between Regatta Point and Dubbil Barril as a transport vehicle for a number of services that run to and from the Dubbil Barril area. It is always exciting for our team to be able to bring another piece of history back to life.

Our passengers help us to keep our history alive by travelling with us and supporting our business. Head over to our website now to plan your next ride into history aboard the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

Historic photo of the Mount Lyell rail car in Queenstown circa 1961





Cradle Mountain to Queenstown

110km | 1hr 30 mins

(Queenstown to Strahan 41km | 45 mins)

Devonport to Queenstown

181km | 2hrs 35 mins

(Queenstown to Strahan 41km | 45 mins)

Hobart to Queenstown

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